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Showroom Experience

Touching a material or surface lets you know if it’s right for you in a way the internet can never convey. Seeing how light changes colors and textures helps you make a better choice of what will look right in your home. Using a product gives you an experience and information you just can't get online. Stop by and see the products you want in our relaxed showroom. We can help make sure your choices will provide years of enjoyment.


Design Consultation

Finding the perfect window coverings and accesories starts with an Initial Consultation. We help to determine your specific performance needs like; privacy, with light, temperature, durability, waterproofing, light and UV control. Once performance is clarified the fun begins with style, textures, materials and color selection.


Installation / Laser Measuring System for The Perfect Fit

We are the window coverings & window treatment specialists, offering a wide range of shades, blinds, drapes, curtains, shutters and all the hardware. Our custom installation ensures everything fits perfectly. We laser measure your installation and sync the exact measurements to a photo of your installation. Our expert installation system and installers make sure your window coverings fit and perform perfectly.